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Promotional Products

unnamedAre you looking for a unique promotion product to spread the word about your business? Something people can use daily, and is unique enough that it will make them notice your logo or business name time and time again? Razrup can make a great promotional product! We can print any logo or text on the product for you to customize for your business needs. Razrup is a unique promotional item that people will really use and appreciate. Razrup is currently available in individual packaging or in bulk. Please contact us for pricing and order details.


Retail Distribution

Razrup will soon become the best solution for storing a razor and a can of shaving cream together

A few ideal places where you have to keep your razor up:                       

  • College Dorms
  • RVs
  • Travel
  • Camping
  • Military
  • Hotels
  • Gyms

Where do you need to save space and keep your razor up?

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