photo-1-(1)Zafirro is known for producing the world’s most expensive razor, a $100,000 shaver with an iridium handle and sapphire blades. Since its debut in 2011, the cost of producing sapphire has plummeted, and now Zafirro is crowdfunding its original Z2 razor at a much more reasonable price tag.

Zafirro is funding the next production run of its Z2 razor on Kickstarter with packages starting at $149 for a single Zafirro razor, which is $150 off the razor’s estimated $299 retail price. This $149 tier already has been claimed, but there are other limited-slot tiers available with prices ranging from $179 to $229. If you want to be among the first people to get a Zafirro when it becomes available next year, you can pledge $279 and receive your razor in October 2016 instead of the predicted December delivery date.

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