save money on razorsFact: Razors wear out fast when they are left laying down in a wet, soapy surface. In fact they wear out 50% faster!

Instead of constantly replacing razors, make them last longer with a common-sense invention that is catching on fast!

It’s time to save money on razors!

Here’s some math. If you don’t like math, we’ll just call it numbers. If you don’t like numbers, we’ll just say go back to sleep. But this is important!

The average good-quality disposable razor costs $2.40 and lasts about a week, depending on your beard.

• That’s about $125.00 per year.

• RazrUp® costs $4.99 and doubles the life span of your razors.

• That will save you, after figuring the cost of RazrUp® – $57.00!

Have you ever been running late for work and you reach for your razor…it’s not there! Where on earth is it? You search the medicine cabinet, did it fall between the sink and the toilet? Yuck! You check the drawer where there are 500 Q-tips and loose aspirin. It’s not there. Where is it? With RazrUp you’ll always be able to find your razor.

If you buy two RazrUps® you can give one to your best friend and be a hero for life. RazrUp® also helps you keep your shaving essentials together, clean and dry, in the same place. It snaps neatly to the common size cans of shaving cream. Don’t be forced to choose between razors and something you love! With RazrUp® you’ll be able to save money on razors and afford both.

And RazrUp® is for women, too!