safety_razorI guess it depends how old you are as to whether you remember safety razors. I am old enough to remember my dad using one, and I was fascinated by the contraption because it was cool how the top opened by turning the little knob at the bottom. To me, the engineering that went into the safety razor was amazing! My dad had the same razor for years and years, it never broke.

Shaving razors evolved over the years to become more sophisticated and more expensive, with most people just accepting the cost as a part of life. Companies figured out that it’s not profitable enough to sell you a product once, they need to induce you to buy replacements. That’s where the money is.

Replacement Marketing

Think about how many products you buy today where you constantly have to buy upgrades (cell phones) or replacement parts (printer cartridges) that are very expensive! Razor companies learned that if they made replacement blades more sophisticated, with two blades, then three, then four, and they added moisturizing strips, they could charge more and keep the consumer hooked.

Going back to the safety razor means buying the handle once, and replacement blades are cheap. A pack of 5 Wilkinson double-edge razor blades at Woolworth is $1.29 – try finding the Mach-3 blades for that price!

Now comes the issue: do the old-fashioned safety razors shave as well as the high-tech quadruple blade products? That’s a matter of opinion. Many menamzon-pro and women who are making the switch say they’re actually better than the more expensive brands. I do remember my dad emerging from the bathroom with little pieces of tissue paper stuck to several wounds on his face, so either the old razors are less-safe or my dad was a klutz. I’m not sure.

Extend the Life of Every Razor

There is one constant with shaving with razors: The blades last longer if they are kept clean and dry. Water and shaving cream residue cause all razor edges to lose their sharpness. RazrUpĀ® was designed to keep all razors clean and dry, and you don’t spend time looking all over the bathroom for your razor because it’s attached to the can of shaving cream!

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