How to prolong the life of a razor:

An average man uses a razor at least four times a week and this makes it difficult for the razor to last longer. There are many women who shave daily! Recurring use can cause obvious wear and tear to such a fragile object with a metal blade. As unbelievable as it is, when it comes to the razors, you can increase their life just by being a little more careful and providing a little maintenance. Even a disposable razor can last up to a year! Here’s how.

Keep it dry:

One thing that most of the people fail to understand is the fact that a razor is something you need to keep dry. There are lots of people who do not remember this fact and keep neglecting it. A corroded edge caused by moisture is more than a nuisance by ruining the razor, the cuts in your skin can get infected with the germs that grew on your razor. Some ways to keep it dry include:

  • Dry it with a hair dryer.
  • Store away from the shower.
  • Dry with a towel by blotting after every use.
  • Use RazrUp to keep the razor in an upright position to ensure proper air circulation and moisture drips down and away. RazrUp also keeps your razor from touching surfaces unnecessarily.  
  • Add some drops of oil every so often to keep rust, decay and debris away.

Keep it sharp:

Yes, you can sharpen even the cheapest of razors. Here are three ways to keep your razor sharp for months!

  • Your Forearm. Instead of using your blade to shave your arm, run it against your skin in the exact opposite direction. Rubbing the razor on your arm in reverse about 10 times smooths out tiny imperfections in your blade, which sharpens it.   
  • Soapy water. Soak your razor in a cup of water with a few drops of dish soap and let the debris, goop, and particles detach and melt away. Rinse well, dry it, and place it on your RazrUp to keep it clean and dry.
  • Use your jeans! Yes, your jeans. Run the razor in the opposite direction of shaving on a piece of denim about 10 times. Polishing your razor against the rough denim will make it sharp like new in less than a minute!

Keep it safe:

Abandoning your razor’s edge on the surfaces of your bathroom is the absolutely worst spot to store them, assuming you want to keep it in a decent condition. Dampness collects in your bathroom, which is the foe of sharp edges. In the event that you must store your razor in the lavatory, make sure it is in a very dry spot, preferably on your RazrUp, to reduce the level of dampness accumulated by it.

Keep it up:

The absolute best way to keep your razor clean and dry is to store it with your shaving cream in a dry place, upright, and away from contact with any moist surface. If you insist on keeping it in your restroom, keep it with your shaving cream and upright to prevent it from getting rusted and infected with germs.