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Did you know disposable razors can last up to a year with the proper care? RazrUp helps by reducing moisture which is the most important key to the blade’s longevity. We have the solution, keep your razor up with RazrUp the dry, germ-free and clean way to keep your razor easily accessible. Where’s your razor?


Prevent bumps, and skin issues. Keep your razor clean and extend its life.


Where is your razor? Never wonder again. Always keep it close to your shaving cream.


Moisture is sure to destroy your expensive razor not to mention the germs that thrive in moisture. Extend the life of your razor. Keep it up and avoid rust and damage. 
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  • Keeps your razor's lubricant strip and blade from premature deterioration.
  • Reduces clutter in your bathroom storage spaces. 
  • Keep it from contact with moist bathtub and sink surfaces that often have bacteria.
  • Prevents skin issues by keeping your blade sharp, dry and clean.
  • Attaches to both popular size shaving cream cans and supports most shaving razors.
  • Simply a clean neat place to store your personal shaving razor.
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What Our Customers Are Saying

Don't just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“What a nifty little gadget! So simple yet so necessary. My razor is no longer laying in a puddle of water on the edge of my tub or falling on the floor.”

“The best inventions usually come from simple solutions of everyday issues. Before Razrup I was always losing my razor. I have also noticed my disposables last at least three times longer!”

“I had no idea how much bacteria lurks on bathroom surfaces. So glad my razor is always right next to my shaving can, UP, where it should always be.”

“Who thought of this? Great way to keep the gooey part of my razor on! Before I got this, it kept melting and falling off.”


Leaving your razor in the sink or tub edge is a really bad idea. It's not just about the lubricating strip fading into a gross pile of goop, and that scrapping feeling on your skin from a deteriorating razor. It's more than that. In short, reduced life span and germs. Germs that build up on your razor can cause more damage to your skin than the razor itself. What if we told you could keep a cheap, disposable razor safe and sharp for up to a year? Keeping your razor dry, away from any contaminants and clean can expand its life considerably. Stop wasting money on replacement blades!

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